2000 Pound Horses, Amazing Armor and Ale

Battling to the death, peering through a quarter inch eye slot in their helmets to knock their challengers, this is no ordinary horse ride. Oh no my friend, this is a mount on magnificent horses with English gladiators wearing 130 pounds of steel and riding full blast at 30 MPH with ultra sharp lances.  This is the action of the joust and one of the many events at this year’s Big Bear Renaissance Faire in Fawnskin, the north shore of the lake August 2-3, 9-10, 16-17. Reservations for lodging are handled by Big Bear City Concierge. You will want to plan your vacation around this great event and get more details about the event in Big Bear

Big Bear Renaissance Faire

Large men in full body armor charge at 30 MPH on 2000 pound horses… just for the fun of it at the Big Bear Renaissance Faire each August. Gold gilded invitations are available from the Queen.

Hello my dear, if something a bit less crude is more your style, perhaps you’d like to meet the Knights of Mayhem and sit at the Warriors Table or see the Queen and have tea with her and the royal court. Of course Queen Elizabeth will be there in all her majesty and will reign over the enchanted shire this and every year.  She and her royal court will regale you with news from her royal castle.  She will hold court and those who gain her favor may be knighted.

The esteemed Lord Mayor can be seen wandering the lanes of the enchanted shire along with other entertainment to round out your experience.

The Knights of Mayhem –130 pounds of steel armor never looked this good, these warriors mount 2,000-pound horses and charge at each other with solid hemlock lances at speeds of up to 30-mph while peering through a quarter-inch eye slot in their helmet. Real men. Real weapons. And, yes, sometimes real blood. This is full-contact jousting at its best.

Suspended Reality – Combining aerial acrobats with Shakespearean theater, this group of talented performers is a crowd pleaser.  Fantasy, magic and open minds take flight as this troupe delivers in the style of the Old Globe Theater presentations. 

The Belles of Bedlam – It is so loverly how these ladies lollygag and romp in song and merriment through the daily chores of what it is like to live and run an Inn in the old Middle Ages.

21st Century Chilvary – How does one get a feel for Chivalry in a world where popular culture is steeped in the likes of gangsta rap and the Simpsons?  Step back to a time when courtesy and gentility were practiced, personal honor was paramount and tradition is the name of the game.

The Nightingale – As a group of musicians, Nightingale is top of the line music for all ears.  Sit back and listen as they regale about the times, the era and the life of old England.

Mullaney  as a high energy group with different kinds of instruments, Mullaney has an “unplugged style that is non traditional and very organic.  From new arrangements of traditional tunes and Celtic favorites their sound spans centuries. Offering an extensive repertoire of songs and styles representing hundreds of years, there is something for everyone in each performance.

The mistress of tales Victoria Goring, spins never-before-told stories with the help of her audience. As the Dueling Damsel, she also teaches sword fighting skills to those children who are brave enough to pick up a blade.

Gallows Humor – Enter the old country with this band of gypsies   playing a macabre mix of music that stirs the souls and raises the spirits…literally they will rock the graveyard!

Ciran the Gypsy Magician will entertain all who care to participate, and pirate magician El Moro will entertain those who think they know a thing or two about sleight of hand. Who doesn’t want to see vanishing dragons, disappearing henchmen and gold ducets appear out of anyone’s ears?

Cutthroat Reef –  “A crew of salty sea dogs from across the seven seas. Their rowdy renditions of sea chanteys and drinking songs will make the rafters roar as they bring ashore the life of a sailor.”

The Renaissance Faire brings merry old England to Big Bear Lake while educating young about the history of the Middle Ages.

Passado Action Theatre – “Shakespeare Unplugged” is a collection of Shakespearean vignettes filled with bawdy humor, physical comedy and outrageous swordplay. The show includes accurate – yet slightly irreverent – treatments of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Taming of the Shrew and more! A great intro to this master writer.

Zaria –  Named in honor of the Slavic goddess of beauty, youth, and sunrise, this troupe is based on a foundation of feminine strength and positive energy and well dance.

For your pleasure, the Faire is set on the natural and uneven terrain of the hills against the backdrop of the Big Bear Mountains. Dragons, dogs and pets are welcome but please keep the man eaters on a leash. There will be merriment in the form of food and drink so plan on having plenty as the money raised supports scholarships and grants for students and teachers. Costumes are encouraged so don your best renaissance faire, Victorian or Steam Punk as you know the kids, and child at heart will love to dress the part.   Now all you need to do is plan your weekend around this great event.


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