The annual drinking festival is back!  Full of Oom-pah-pah, beer gardens, food and fun, the Big Bear Oktoberfest returns again.  Voted as #1 by Southern California’s the sing along, dance alongs and general silliness. craft fairs, kid costume contest and all around carousing is 7 weekends total, the last 3 in September and all 4 in October — September 14 through October 26.  This classic and annual event is so silly, homespun, yet authentic, it gives Big Bear one more thing they can call their very own.

Fraternities come up to Big Bear for Oktoberfest

Fraternities come up to Big Bear for Oktoberfestng,

Live entertainment is the highlight, and there will be a stage set up with bands playing every Saturday starting at 4:00 PM.  The stage is sponsored by a beer manufacturer, whose brews will be poured in the bier garten.  Last year and this, Shock Top flavors will be poured, and you can bet these craft brews have become So Cal favs.

Oktoberfest has long been a college tradition among fraternities and sororities  who plan 2 night weekend trips to the local mountains.  Running around in their crazy costumes… frat shirts and hats, singing and drinking from their bier steins, you can only imagine why being in the mountains is really their own “homecoming” celebration.  They make up their own drinking songs, get everyone involved and it’s wild how much fun they have, and the colleges bring a lot of entertainment whenever they come.   True entertainment… like me in lederhosen and buxom gals in well, buxom tops. You’ll see lots of “bier steins” and see some fun contests like the giant beer mug run and our German bands will be playing all day long. The kids can ride the bulls, play in the “kinder garten”, make crafts and dress up for the Halloween contest. And of course, there will be lots of dancing. The full deal on Oktoberfest in Big Bear is available from City Concierge.

The weekends in October seem to be the most popular, likely because school just started in September and by the time October rolls around, everyone is ready to let go a bit.  I’m hoping to get up there this year again too.  And if you see me, don’t forget my Wilkomen and Heidi Klum –  Auf Wiedersehen!


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